Pruning by Matt O’Connell

by Martina on January 12, 2011

roses from doolin garden co clare near the cliffs of moher

Roses in bloom

Matt, who runs Ballyvoe Gardens in Doolin has given me this advice on pruning my Roses.  I have a Rose Bed at Sheedys Hotel, where I grow a lot of old varieties.

Matt tells me that the idea behind Winter pruning is to prevent the wind rocking the plants and causing damage.  One should prune aprox 12″ from top of the plant.  But the very best time to prune is in mid-March.  You want to create an “open” plant and get rid of all the dead wood.  For established roses, prune 9″ off the ground.  Matt advises that pruning will creat a better structured plant but it is feeding the roses that will guarantee better flowers.

Matt gives free admissin to his Garden at Doolin to guests at Sheedys Hotel.

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